We have a great team of volunteers and it is always a pleasure to have new volunteers join our team, we are recruiting new volunteers often. Our volunteer program is quite unique as you don't have to have any experience with horses because we teach you how to handle them, you learn how to muck stalls, how to feed, learn about horse nutrition, halter a horse properly, groom, lead, bathe, and how to bridle and saddle a horse and many other things. Our volunteer program is geared to teach as many people about how to care for a horse so that with the education you get here you can help others in hopes that there will be less horses being abused or starved because of the lack of knowledge. So send us a email or a message to join us on one of our volunteer orientations or you can visit us and get a free tour and come meet the rescues, they love visitors and they especially love carrots.


We need monthly sponsors for our horses to help pay for their hay, farrier, vet bills, and training. You can sponsor a horse's monthly feed, a feed sponsorship is $200, or sponsor a horses farrier bill, a farrier sponsorship $25 a month, or possibly sponsor the training bill, a training sponsorship can be anywhere between $200 to $600 a month, but we are happy to receive any amount you can possibly give as any amount helps. With any horse you sponsor we will contact you as soon as they get adopted. We also encourage people to have a friend or family member join you on a sponsorship. With any horse you sponsor you have the privilege to come visit them, groom them, and give treats.


We are sorry but we do not have any horses that we are able foster out at this time, but we will update when we do.